New plants!

My plants / Friday, June 15th, 2018


Yesterday I bought new plants, some that I wanted for a long time. I bought some time ago a planter to put some succulents init, and I was really looking for some echeverias… I was also looking for a hypoeste, because the colors of that plant are just stunning!

3 succulentes, une buissonante et 2 en forme de rosettes, et un hypoeste rouge et verte foncé

In the end I got two echeverias, a crassula aborecenss, and one beautifuly colored hypoeste!

Once home, I repoted them.

feuilles rouges et vrtes foncés succulentes avec les arcines apparentes

hypoeste dans un pot à confiture en verre succulentes dans 3 petits pot blanc

I don’t think the smaller part of the hypoeste will survive 😥 As I planted it in a pot with a draining system, I have to be careful to not overwater it. However I can see the wet soil through the glass, it’s pretty cool!

I also love the look of the planter with the succulents, even if I will have to repot them when they will grow, especially the crassula.

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