Say hello to my succulents :3

My plants / Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

It has been about since 6 months since I first got my succulents!
I don’t what they are exactly, I just found them cute and interesting :p The cactus got burned by the sun but that’s my fault 🙁

For example, I like that the older parts of the older are darker, with more pointy thorns, and that the thorns turn red!

Cactus un peu brûlé par le soleil (tâches oranges) avec des épines rouges Cactus burned by the sun (orange marks) and with red thorns

It’s the same for the other succulent, the stem turned red under the sun and I love that contrast.

succulent with red stem and round leaves succulent with red stem and round leaves

The last cactus is a cutting I have since a month, I hope it’ll grow ♥

three cutting of a very long cactus

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